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For a brief moment there I forgot why I created this page, this is not my commercial page. This page was created for me to display and say what ever I want. That sounds a bit aggressive but I assure you it is not I simply needed a portal for self expression away from my commercial commitments and the keeping up appearances and complying with SEO rules and and and ...

This page will from now just be about me I read somewhere that people dont care about you (In this case me) they just want to get to the point and talk business. If that is the case with you please go to my commercial page 228 Photography and we can get down to what you need and what it is going to cost you.

For those that actually do care a little bit and want to stick around to find out who I am and what I am about please feel free to look around.

PS Thank you for caring...

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Free Shoot (T&C Apply)

Free Shoot – How to apply I am a firm believer in giving something back, So I have decided to offer one free weekday studio shoot per month to the person with the most unique concept, theme or idea for any given month. So come up with a theme concept or idea and contact me […]

New addition to my studio

Some call it a love seat some like to call it the dungeon, it does not matter what you call it the results we have had are simply amazing. Unfortunately most of them are of a more personal nature and are not intended for public viewing but I am sure you have already imagined the […]

Waiting at the Airport

Winter in South Africa is generally a bit more relaxed for wedding photographers, not always a good thing. Gives me time to think about stuff, that can be dangerous. As you start thinking about gear and that can lead to GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). This year I decided to explore other avenues of business and […]

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