The Freckle Project

I started this project at the beginning of last year, every now and then it gets a little quiet in the photography business luckily not as often as it used to in the beginning.  The aim was to start a project where \i could shoot a large number of individuals over a long period of time (Quiet moments)

Who to shoot... Then one day as I was again mesmerized by my wife's beauty I again noticed her freckles and remembered that that was one of her prettiest features and then got the idea. Freckles don't always get the admiration that they deserve. So the Freckle Project was born and yes it is still going even though I don't get as much time to spend on it as I did in the beginning I am still looking for those freckled face Jules out there looking to have their portrait taken for free in my studio. If you are one of God's favorites and he blessed you with freckles please I would love to shoot your portrait. Please contact me and we will setup a time and date that works for us all and shoot that portrait. I only need 15 minutes of your time and you will receive a digital retouched portrait of you and your glorious freckles absolutely free. There is only one requirement and that is that you give me permission to share your portrait with the world.

I am based in Boksburg on the East Rand please let me know when you want to pop in.


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